New Table Saw

Many of you who are here already know that I’ve acquired a new-to-me table saw from Jay Bates and I cannot fathom finding a better person in the woodworking community—or anywhere else—than him. If you are not subscribed to both of his channels then I encourage you to do so here and here.

My old table saw was a Jet JWTS-10JF and it served me well for about 18 months but the gear that raised and lowered the blade eventually stripped out. This limited the ability for the blade to down less than 1″ causing a big safety problem when cutting thin stock. The only replacement I could find was on eBay from a merchant who wanted about $150 (which wasn’t much less than what I paid for the saw on Craigslist). At this point I began saving for either a Grizzly or a SawStop.

I’m looking forward to being able to work more in the shop and begin producing some content. Many things have changed since you last saw it and having a proper table saw adequate of making accurate cuts will only hasten my ability to upload new content!

For those who support online woodworkers, Thank You.