JF-cartoonziedThis site is about practical solutions to life’s problems using technology and woodworking.

Go Woodwork started as a personal blog in 2013 under my original website but in late 2015, I decided to re-brand myself to better focus on what the point of the site was, Woodworking (and DIY). Other items such as technology tutorials, open-source code, scripts/applications written by me, etc. will all remain at the old website.

With just a circular saw and a battery drill I started building my 2×4 workbenches and sold them locally on Craigslist for a tidy profit. Apparently a small economy like mine only needs so many workbenches thus I had to find other ventures. Other projects like Jay Bates’ 2×4 sitting benches and picnic tables are still a great item that I make occasionally when someone asks me by word of mouth.

A bunch of saw dust later and I have a shop in half of a two car garage with most tools needed to get the job done. I generally focus with pine/spruce (construction materials) and red oak (very plentiful in Appalachia) and maple/walnut (when I can get my hands on it).

While woodworking seems to be a dying craft due to the ability to more-cheaply import similar products from other countries, no factory can give you the same customer service or finishing touch that your locally woodworker can. Not now, not ever.

Feel free to contact me anytime at  antispam-email-address or by using the contact form page.